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    Endoca Organic Chewing Gum is the perfect ally against anxiety and mild muscle pain.    Each box contains 10 units, and each unit contains 15 mg of CBD. Total: 150 mg of CBD. This chewing gum is composed by: natural gum from tropical forests, hemp oil, birch xylitol, sunflower seed lecithin, mint and wild mint. Endoca extracts all ingredientes with responsibility and ethics towards the environment.
  • MyCBD's Inmuno infusion has hemp, rosemary, oregano, thyme and echinacea. Rosemary is well known for its immunostimulatory properties and echinacea for its antibacterial ones. This formula was designed to strengthen the immune system and provide a wellness break on a daily basis.
  • MyCBD's Relax infusion has hemp, chamomile, melissa and orange blossom. This infusion is perfecto to reach wellness and stress relief. It flavor is just delicious thanks to chamomile and orange blossom and has no extra calories.