At CBD Oil Pharma we understand health as the harmony between body and mind – one cannot be completely healthy if the other isn’t. Therefore, all our efforts are centered on helping patients achieve wellness through top class CBD Oil products and offering a specialized therapy program.


The pharma division focuses on gathering information and offering the best quality CBD products in the market. We work very closely with our partners Endoca and myCBD to ensure top CBD Oil products reach our patients.

We offer a wide gamma of CBD Oil products that cater for each patient needs. Different presentations and concentrations of cannabidiol, allow personalized treatment for every condition. Capsules, pastes, drops, teas and body care products provide a different options to suit specific health needs.


We developed the CBD Oil Clinic division to offer personalized counseling on alternatives, dosage, therapy and treatment follow up. We firmly believe in the benefits of CBD Oil and know that body and mind must work together to achieve full wellbeing.

Every patient is unique and we approach each case as such. The CBD Oil Clinic division works with a team of committed professionals specialized on CBD Oil treatments who care for every need and will spend as much time as they need with each patient to answer every question and clear up any doubt.


Thanks to strict production controls in compliance with European laws, CBD Oil Pharma can send its products through the entire territory of the European community. You will have your products at the door of your house without any problems.

CBD Oil Pharma is able to send its products through the European Union, thanks to the rigorous production and quality controls in compliance with European laws. CBD Oil Pharma clients can rest assured they will receive the products at their doorstep.